CHIFURE - Gradation Eyeshadow 07 Gold 1 pc

Brand from Japan: CHIFURE. A natural three-dimensional make-up is completed simply by layering three colors that are familiar to the skin in order. If you want a gorgeous finish, add a nuance color. A 4-color set of eyeshadow that allows you to choose the finish that suits your scene. A palette with yellow as the key color, such as turmeric and ginger, which gives an energetic yet calm impression. It is a color that gives spicy nuance while maintaining the goodness of gradation eye shadow on the skin. How to use: Apply the highlight color to the entire eye hole with a large tip. Apply medium color with a small tip from the eyes to the top. Apply the line color to your eyes with a small tip. If you like, apply the nuance color to the entire eye hole with a large tip.

17.2EUR :


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